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The First PoW NFT and PoW Generation Art


HACD is an NFT of PoW mechanism, which can be understood the Bitcoin as an NFT.

Distribution Mechanism

The minted of HACD needs to be mined and bid.

The height of a block whose Hacash is divisible by 5 yields an HACD at an average interval of 25 minutes. The HACD excavated within the time of 5 blocks, the highest bid will be packaged and confirmed.

The mining difficulty of HACD is only related to the number of HACD minted, not how many people are digging at the same time. The difficulty of mining will continue to increase and will not decrease, and output can be stopped at any time according to market conditions. The difficulty of mining will slowly rise to the limit, and eventually far exceed the difficulty of mining Bitcoin.

It produces up to 58 per day and about 21,000 per year. Assuming enough computing power is invested, it is estimated that at most, less than 1.7 million HACDs will be excavated by 2100.

How to create art at HACD

HIP-10 gives everyone a clearer standard rules for artistic creation.

Why is HACD Valuable


HACD supports three levels of artistic creation, namely the protocol layer, the HIP visualization layer and the art additional layer.