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HACD Inscription

Inscriptions, art binding, and tokenization

HACD originally consisted of 6 letters, and HIP-5 gave the first visual effect of HACD. HIP-8 produces a second visual effect of HACD.

HACD already has 3 standard art forms, namely HIP-5, HIP-8 and HIP-9. Theoretically, HACD's new visuals need to meet certain conditions and criteria to guarantee the ultimate fairness of the artwork, which we call it HIP-10 PoW Art Standard .

On top of this, and to support more flexible and richer art forms and artist engagement approaches, the community has proposed HIP-15, the main mechanism of which is to inscribe a list of stackable, erasable inscriptions on each HACD.

Discussions about the HIP-15 proposal took place on HacashTalk and Discord and culminated in an implementable execution document: HIP-15 HACD Inscription.


HIP-15 will take effect from block height 518000 and will require the download of the latest offline desktop wallet to inscribe:

After downloading, run the hacash_desktop_offline_wallet_... file and select the Create/Clean HACD inscription option:

Then you come to the interface where you can create the inscription. An inscription HACD is essentially similar to initiating a transfer, both by creating a transaction and submitting it to the blockchain for confirmation. Create a HACD inscription by filling in the fields below:

After the blockchain confirms, you will see the corresponding inscription on the details page of the corresponding HACD:

The implementation of HIP-15 will greatly broaden the functionality and value of HACD in collectibles, art, and tokenization, and more innovations and gameplay are expected to be discovered by the community.