Hacash quick start manual

The first stage of the main network has been running stably, and currently supports bookkeeping mining, diamond mining, and diamond and currency transfer transactions. You can use a desktop computer, a dual-socket server or a cloud host to run the Hacash node, and related tools and services are under development.

You can open the wallet center to choose the wallet you need among various types of wallets, or command-line wallets to complete operations such as account creation, balance checking, transfer, sending transactions, transferring diamonds, and checking transaction status.

❖ Wallets Center ❖ Command-line Wallets

The above "command line tool" needs to be compiled and run. If you are not familiar with program compilation technology, we have compiled a new version of the tool program (.exe executable program file) for you, which supports Ubuntu and Windows 7 to Windows 10 systems. Double-click to open it.

⇩ Download command line wallet(Windows x64) ⇩ Download command line wallet(Ubuntu 64bit) ⇩ Download command line wallet(MacOS 64bit)

Shortcut: 1. Full node mining2. Join mining pool mining3. Setup mining pool service4. Mining block diamonds5. Mining by GPU6. RPC doc for exchange

[note] when full node mining and diamond mining are used for the first time, all block data must be synchronized, and then the mining configuration must be started and the software restarted for mining. Otherwise, it will lead to mining error (no effective mining at the latest height). After downloading the full node, you can run it directly without modifying the configuration, and the software will automatically start synchronizing all blocks.

1、Full node mining

The X16RS mining algorithm invented by Hacash randomly uses 16 hash algorithms of the sha3 series, which can resist the emergence of ASIC mining machines. At present, the best solution is to use computer CPU for bookkeeping and mining. In the initial stage, the reward currency will be more widely dispersed in the hands of individuals, reducing or avoiding the concentration of a large number of currencies in the hands of a small number of people, so as to avoid price manipulation and maliciousness. Issues such as hype.

Everyone is welcome to use idle desktop PCs or laptops for accounting and mining in exchange for currency rewards. The hosts provided by cloud service providers can also be purchased to become stable miners and mining pool nodes to collect packaged transactions and contribute to the popularization of the entire network.

Compile and deploy miner nodes

If your personal computer is a Windows system or an Ubuntu system, it will be easier to become a miner. First click on the link below to download the latest version of the miner program compression package (including executable files and an .ini configuration file), which supports Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 and above operating systems:

⇩ Download mining node software(Windows x64)miner_node_hacash_windows64.zip

⇩ Download mining node software(Ubuntu x64)miner_node_hacash_ubuntu64.zip

⇩ Download mining node software(MacOS x64)miner_node_hacash_MacOS_64.zip

Unzip the .zip compressed package file to any directory, you can see the following content:

The hacash.config.ini file in the compressed package is a necessary configuration file for the Hacash full node program. You can open this file with the Notepad program and modify it. Right-click the hacash.config.ini file and select Open with Notepad, you can see the internal content:

Before starting mining, you must first download / synchronize all block data.

Please check that your computer is properly connected to the Internet (miner program needs to download block data and synchronize new fast and transaction data in real time). You can double-click to run miner_node_hacash_ 2020_××_×× If there is no error, you will see that the mining program has successfully connected to the network and started to download data synchronously.

This is to synchronously Download all block transaction data, which is necessary data for mining. Please wait for the data synchronization to complete. After the block download is finished, you will see a sync finish prompt

After patiently waiting for the block synchronization to complete, you can start mining. In the simplest case, you only need to modify the 3 parameters: enable,supervene and rewards under [miner] in the configuration file:

Among them, deleting the semicolon in front of enable means to start mining (semicolon means to cancel this item so that it does not take effect. The same is true for other configurations, such as diamond mining configuration), The supervene parameter indicates how many threads are enabled for mining at the same time. Generally, it is consistent with the number of CPU cores of your computer, which can maximize the computing power. For example, if the number of CPU cores in your computer is 2 cores, change supervene: 8 to supervene: 2, if it is 4 cores, change to supervene: 4, and so on. At this time, the computer CPU utilization rate is 100%. In order to avoid computer freezing, it is generally recommended to set aside a core for other calculations: 4 cores are set to 3, and 8 cores are set to 7. You can also set it freely according to your situation. The smaller the value, the lower the CPU utilization. This value does not support decimals, the minimum is 1, and it is not recommended to set it to a value larger than the number of computer CPU cores.

The string value of the rewards parameter is the Hacash account address, which is used to collect currency rewards generated by mining. This address must be generated by a password and has a specific format. It is invalid to modify the patched address manually! You can use an online wallet to generate an account address using a password that only you know, strictly confidential and backed up, or a randomly created private key.

Notice! If you do not understand the format requirements of the .ini configuration file, please do not arbitrarily change the field format, indentation, newline, space, etc. in the configuration file, the program will not be able to read the correct configuration information due to the format error, which will cause the running failure.

After modifying the configuration and checking that there is no error, close the software and reopen it (restart the software to re read the configuration and take effect), At this time, the program has automatically started mining, you can open the task manager to view the CPU utilization.

There are about 288 blocks once a day in the whole network of hacash miners, and the computational difficulty value is adjusted to ensure that one block is excavated every 5 minutes on average. Wait patiently for 5 to 10 minutes to see the print information in the program window:

... ... discovery new block insert success ... The printed message indicates that a new block (another one dug by other miners) has been discovered from the network and starts the next round of mining on its own.

⬤ ㄜ1:248, bh: 20735, tx: 0, hx: 00000003593c ... ... Printing information means that they first dug out a block and successfully obtained 1 HAC currency reward!

[Note] if there is an error in the middle of the process, or the click to execute miner program does not respond, please make sure that your network environment is good and always online. In the process of mining, the network can not be disconnected, otherwise the mining program can not synchronize the block information in real time, which will lead to invalid mining fork! If there is any problem of no response for a long time, please shut down and restart the mining client.

2、Join mining pool mining

The above-mentioned full node mining needs to synchronize all block data, and has high requirements for the stability of the network environment (otherwise, it is easy to break the network and branch). If you do not have a more professional hardware environment and network operation and maintenance knowledge, or do not have a strong CPU performance computing machine, using the full node mining method will encounter some unnecessary trouble, or it is difficult to get the mining out.

We suggest that small-scale mining participants join the mining pool, so as to avoid a lot of trouble in data and network operation and maintenance. In addition, through the average computing power statistical method, we can more definitely and evenly distribute the mining results, and smooth out the fluctuation of computing power and the element of luck.

Click on the link below to download the pool mining program:

⇩ Download pool mining software(Windows x64位)miner_pool_worker_hacash_windows64.zip

⇩ Download pool mining software(Ubuntu x64)miner_pool_worker_hacash_ubuntu64.zip

⇩ Download pool mining software(MacOS x64)miner_pool_worker_hacash_macos64.zip

Unzip the downloaded .zip file to any directory, and you can see the following:

In a compressed package poolworker.config.ini File is a necessary configuration file for miner program. You can open this file and modify it with Notepad program. Right click poolworker.config.ini Open the file in Notepad, and you can see the internal contents as follows:

The pool parameter is the address of the ore pool, indicating the IP and port of the server to be connected. Please contact your pool service provider for a valid address. Different mining pool service providers have different proportion. However, some dishonest people will have the possibility of absconding. Please pay attention to the one you trust (don't easily believe that the proportion is too low or even subsidy), otherwise you will be cheated and waste your computing power.

The string of rewards parameter is the account address of hacash, which is used to collect monetary rewards generated by mining. This password must be manually generated, and it must be invalid by patching! You can use online wallet , the account address is generated through a password that is known only to you and is strictly confidential and well backed up, or a randomly created private key. This address is limited to one.

The supervisor parameter indicates how many threads are enabled for mining at the same time. Generally speaking, it is consistent with the number of CPU cores in your computer, which can maximize the computing power. For example, if the number of CPU cores in your computer is 2 cores, change superene: 8 to superene: 2 , if it is 4 cores, change it to superene: 4 , and so on. At this time, the CPU utilization rate of the computer is 100%. In order to avoid computer jamming, it is generally recommended to set aside a core for other calculations: 4 cores are set to 3, 8 cores are set to 7. You can also set it freely according to your situation. The smaller the value, the lower the CPU utilization. Decimal is not supported for this value. The minimum value is 1. Note: cannot be set to a value larger than the number of CPU cores in the computer, otherwise the computing power will be extremely reduced.

After modification, save the file and close the Notepad program. Please check that your computer is properly connected to the Internet. You can double-click to run miner_pool_worker_hacash_2020_××_××.exe, without error, will see the following similar print information:

At this time, the program has automatically started mining, you can open the task manager to view the CPU utilization. Please contact your pool service provider to see the real-time power statistics and the amount of mining results you deserve.

⬤ h: 49981, mining successfully and got rewords! Printing information indicates that you have dug up a block.

3、Construction of mine pool service

Technically speaking, the mining pool is a mining node, but the mining operation is assigned to many other computing machines, and they communicate with each other through network connection. In other words, a pool is a full node whose functions are divided into different machines for execution.

Building a mine pool is also very simple. First of all, you need to prepare a server with an external fixed IP address (the configuration depends on the size of the business), then build a mining full node according to the above method, and wait for all block data to be synchronized.

Then open the configuration file hacash.config.ini , enable the enable field under the [minerpool] key(Enable by deleting the semicolon before the enable field):

Close and restart the full node, the mining pool program will start the service, you can open a statistical computing power data connection to view the statistics of the mining power added to the mining pool:,Where is the external IP of your server. The statistical content is real-time online mining client connection, fee ratio, settlement number statistics, mining reward distribution, etc.

The current rules for mining pool settlement and automatic coin mining are: every block mined is counted as a statistical cycle and settled once, and the mined coins are distributed in proportion to all participating computing power in the cycle. If the due reward share exceeds 2 pieces, 10 blocks will be credited to the address within 50 minutes, 0.2 pieces of 100 blocks will be credited in 8.3 hours, and 0.02 pieces of 1000 blocks will be credited within 3.5 days.

4、Mining block diamonds

Block diamonds are another heterogeneous and indivisible currency on the Hacash network. For details, please refer to: What's block diamonds and Diamond mining algorithm.

Block diamond mining can only be produced by full-node SOLO mining at present. After deploying full-node mining and synchronizing all block data, modify the configuration file To the following:

Configuration supervene is the number of concurrent threads for multi-threaded parallel mining, which has the same meaning as the supervene parameter for HAC coin mining; fee_amount parameter is the default fee bid amount set for the mined diamonds. If multiple diamonds are mined in a block at the same time, the diamond with the highest fee price will be packaged into the block and the whole network If the confirmation is valid, other diamonds in the same period will be considered invalid and discarded. Everyone starts to mine the next diamond from the beginning; fee_password is the password of the account address that paid the fee for bidding Or private key (must ensure that the account has the balance set by fee_amount, so that the mined diamonds can be packaged into effect); the address set by the rewards parameter is the reward address after the diamond is mined. That is, the attribution address of the newly mined diamond. continued means whether to mined a diamond after mined out a diamond. This will lead to the possibility of mined out more than one diamond in a cycle. You can choose the diamond you think is more valuable to make a higher bid.

Through the block explorer you can view the current cycle in real time The bidding ranking of all the diamonds unearthed. [Note: In a period (5 blocks), only the only diamond ranked first in the handling fee will be packaged, and other diamonds will be directly discarded]. If you need to increase the ranking to the first place, you can reset the corresponding in online wallet Diamond handling fee. (The result of diamond mining is that a special transaction is packed into a block height that can be divisible by 5. The transaction fee for ranking after diamond mining is the transaction fee)

After starting the process of mining diamonds, the prints should be as follows:

By setting the parameter of autobid = true, the program of digging out diamonds can be bid automatically. Among them, fee_ amount = ㄜ1:247 means the first bid for digging out diamonds. Then, every 10 seconds, the program automatically checks the diamond bid of the current highest bid. If the bid is higher than my bid, the parameter autobid will be used autobid_fee_margin = ㄜ 2:247 is the step value of bid, and the price higher than the highest diamond bid will be automatically issued, so as to keep the highest bid of diamond excavated by oneself. Parameter autobid_fee_max = ㄜ 10:248 is the upper limit that I will issue for each diamond, which means that if other people bid more than this price, I will stop bidding and will not quote a higher price.

[special attention] automatic bidding does not guarantee that you will get diamonds. For example, the following situations occur: 1. Diamonds are mined out late at the end of the cycle, and other diamonds with the highest current price have already been packed into the block before the first bid; 2. The diamonds of others are packed just in the interval of 10 seconds' automatic bid; 3 Network synchronization is stuck and your program doesn't get other people's bid. If you want to get the diamond as much as possible, please try to optimize the following contents: 1. Upgrade to a more stable network (with better links but not more bandwidth); 2. Issue higher initial bid and bidding step value as much as possible, so as to surpass the highest bidding value set by others after a few automatic bidding, so as to defeat others. 3.Please do not set too small step value of bid (autobid_fee_margin), If the bid change is too small, it will be lower than the accuracy that can be recognized by the system, so you can't change your bidding order.

5. Use GPU (graphics card) to mine

Hacash's HAC and HACD mining both use the original X16RS algorithm. Due to its strong randomness design, this algorithm can hardly design an efficient ASIC professional mining machine, but it can use GPU (graphics card) after code optimization. Some graphics card platforms is currently expected to require some development or adaptation. To download the GPU miner program or for more information click on the link below:

X16RS algorithm design and GPU code explanation