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Run HAC Mining Pool

Start HAC public mining pool service or create a private mining pool

If you just want to mining, check Join the pool to mining HAC

Run Full Node

Before building your own mining pool, you need to run a full node and synchronize all block data.

Start Building

The full node software has built-in basic mining pool mining function to meet the needs of multiple machines mining at the same time or joint mining. Open the full node configuration file hacash.config.ini to change [miner] item,open mining mode enable = true (delete the semicolon ; before the enable field to open)

enable = true
rewards = 1MzNY1oA3kfgYi75zquj3SRUPYztzXHzK9
message = unknown

In the above configuration, rewards`` is the address where the mining pool receives block rewards; message`` is a flag for the block find announcer, which can be customized to identify who mined the block, with no more than 16 characters.

Then open the enable field under [minerpool] and modify the other fields as needed:

enable = true
data_dir = ./hacash_minerpool_data
console_http_port = 3340
listen_port = 3339
max_connect = 200
fee_percentage = 0.05
rewards_password = 123456

In the above configuration, the parameter console_http_port indicates the port of the background computing power and address list to view the web page; listen_port is the mining pool connection service port. max_connect is the maximum number of connections, depending on the server configuration; fee_percentage is the mining pool service rate, 0.05 means 5% service charge, 0.01 means 1%; rewards_password represents the account password or private key for the mine pool automatic coin, and the account address must be the same as the address set in the rewards parameter under [miner].

After the modification is complete, save the modification, restart the whole node, and set up a mining pool. The mining pool can be linked using a public IP and Port. Please check the connection method: