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HACD Mining

Mining and bidding HACD

HACD (Block Diamond) is another heterogeneous, indivisible currency on the Hacash network, detail introduction can be found on Mining HACD requires some conditions


Note:Mining HACD need use Hacash's another coin HAC to bidding, Participation in the on-chain auction can only be confirmed. HAC can be obtained by mining and purchasing:

Run Full Node

HACD supports only full-node mining. Before you can start HACD mining, you need to run the full node and synchronize all the block data.

Start Mining

HACD mining is built into the full-node software, and only a few configuration modifications are required to automatically start mining. Same as HAC fullnode mining process.

The hacash.config.ini file is the mandatory configuration file for the Hacash full-node program and contains various configurations. You only need to modify a few parameters under the [HACDminer] item in the configuration file:

enable = true
supervene = 6
fee_amount = ㄜ1:247
fee_password = abc123456
rewards = 1AVRuFXNFi3rdMrPH4hdqSgFrEBnWisWaS
continued = false
autobid = true
autobid_check_interval = 5
autobid_fee_max = ㄜ10:248
autobid_fee_margin = ㄜ5:247

Where supervene is the number of concurrent threads of multi-threaded parallel mining, which has the same meaning as the supervene parameter of HAC coin mining; The fee_amount parameter is the default amount of commission bids for HACD mined. If multiple HACD are mined in a block at the same time, the HACD with the highest commission bid will be packaged into the block and validated by the entire network. Other HACD of the same period will be considered invalid and discarded, and the next HACD will be mined from scratch again.

If the HACD you mining is not confirmed, the bid will not be valid and you will not lose any coin.

fee_password is the password or private key of the account address that pays the fee bid (the balance set by fee_amount must be ensured in the account before the mined HACD can be minted).

The rewards parameter is set to the reward address after miningging the HACD, that is, the home address of the newly dug HACD. continued indicates whether to continue to mining HACD after mining a HACD, which will lead to the possibility of miningging multiple HACD in a cycle, from which you can choose HACD that you think are more valuable to exclude higher offers.

Check Blockchain Explorer can view the commission bidding ranking of all HACD mined in the current cycle in real time.

Note: Only the first HACD of bidding list in a cycle (5 blocks) will be packaged and the other HACD will be discarded. If you need to rise to the top of the ranking, you can reset the handling fee of the corresponding HACD in the Online Wallet. (The result of HACD mining is that a special transaction is packaged into a block height that is divisible by 5, and the fee for ranking the HACD after mining is the fee for a transaction)

After starting the procedure for mining HACD, the display should be as follows:

[Version] Hacash node software: 0.1.17(20231026.1), p2p compatible: block version[1], transaction type [2], action kind [12], repair num [1]
do HACD mining... number: 81128, supervene: 6, start worker: #1 #2 #4 #5 #6 #3

By setting the parameter of autobid = true, the program of miningging out HACD can be bid automatically. Among them, fee_ amount = ㄜ1:247 means the first bid for miningging out HACD. Then, every 10 seconds, the program automatically checks the HACD bid of the current highest bid. If the bid is higher than my bid, the parameter autobid will be used autobid_fee_margin = ㄜ 2:247 is the step value of bid, and the price higher than the highest HACD bid will be automatically issued, so as to keep the highest bid of HACD excavated by oneself. Parameter autobid_fee_max = ㄜ 10:248 is the upper limit that I will issue for each HACD, which means that if other people bid more than this price, I will stop bidding and will not quote a higher price.

autobid_check_interval is the number of seconds between each check bid time, the minimum can be set to 1 second.

[Special note] Automatic bidding does not guarantee that you will get the HACD, such as the following situations:
  1. HACD are mined too late at the end of the cycle to make the first bid, and other HACD with the highest current bid are already packed into the block;
  2. In the ten-second interval between automatic quotes, someone else's HACD are packed;
  3. Network synchronization delays cause your program to not get other people's quotes;
If you want to maximize your chances of getting HACD, try to optimize the following:
  1. Upgrade to a more stable network (better links but no bandwidth required);
  2. Try to issue a higher first bid and bid step value, so that after a few bids to exceed the maximum value set by others, so as to beat others;
  3. Please do not set the bid step value too small (`autobid_fee_margin` parameter), too small fee changes will be less accurate than the system can recognize, and will not change your bid order;